Drive your portfolio
to the level it's expected to perform

Are your assets delivering as promised?
Take control.

Powered by high quality-data, our Portfolio Performance Solution delivers a level of control that is unrivalled. It goes far beyond monitoring and reporting.

Our solution seamlessly integrates and automates performance data, contract compliance, operational workflow, reporting, and advanced analytics – allowing you to take control and drive bottom-line economics.

Drive Profits

Our edge

Power Factors delivers the engine that empowers asset managers, operators and owners to drive the physical and financial performance of their clean energy portfolios.

  • Drive down fixed costs and overhead
  • Drive up availability and energy production
  • Drive up revenue and financial returns

Workflow Management

Drive Action

Automate business processes

Our powerful event manager automates your operational workflows and contract compliance functions, giving you the power to shift from reactive to proactive mode.

  • Automate manual activities
  • Prioritize actions and efficiently deploy resources
  • Focus attention on analytics to improve performance

Event Manager

Commercial Management

Drive Intelligence

Integrate disparate functions

Our contract compliance manager integrates performance data and work order data with your contractual and compliance obligations, giving you the power to leverage information in managing your commercial agreements.

  • Link events to commercial terms
  • Establish contractual impact and responsibility
  • Provide documentation for warranty claims and guarantee obligations

Contract Compliance Manager

Real-Time Monitoring

Drive Data

Aggregate portfolio-wide data

Our robust data historian and acquisition engine has the power to aggregate and consolidate all your asset data, providing you with a single, unified platform across your entire portfolio.

  • Acquire data from any hardware
  • Scale your portfolio on a single platform
  • Generate data, independent from 3rd-party service providers

Data Historian

Data Acquisition

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The only real portfolio performance optimization solution

Our unique ability to link together portfolio-wide data, events, contracts and people,
makes it all work!

Drive down
fixed costs and overhead
Drive up
availability and energy production
Drive up
revenue and financial returns

Built on industry-leading technology platforms

Making it work!

Take control. Drive.