Heliolytics and Power Factors Partner to Integrate Aerial Inspection Insights into the Power Factors Drive Asset Management Platform

Power Factors is excited to announce an integration with Heliolytics.

Heliolytics and Power Factors Partner to Integrate Aerial Inspection Insights into the Power Factors Drive Asset Management Platform

by Power Factors

LARKSPUR, CA, June 16, 2020 — Power Factors, LLC, provider of the world’s leading technical asset management and field service management platform for clean energy, is excited to announce an integration with Heliolytics, Inc.

The Power Factors and Heliolytics integration streamlines the PV string maintenance workflow by automatically pushing aerial thermography report insights into the Drive platform. This automated workflow empowers solar owners, operators and asset managers with shared access to critical information about hidden energy losses and site safety issues, enabling faster and more strategic resolution of PV plant issues to maximize solar asset yield.

The Power Factors Drive software platform provides clean energy owners, operators and asset managers with a unified system for monitoring, performance analytics, field maintenance and commercial management to enable scalable plant performance optimization fleet wide. In addition, the Drive platform connects to other business tools, seamlessly integrating with applications for weather and market data, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and more.

Heliolytics provides module-level system health information from aerial inspections to uncover hidden energy losses and optimize solar asset energy yield. Providing 100% visibility into DC system capacity, Heliolytics’ services accelerate remediation of string and other DC capacity losses by equipping owners, operators and asset managers with the information they need to quickly assess where remediation is most critical and by giving site managers and technicians the information they need to quickly locate and fix problems on site.

Aerial image of solar power plant with mountains in background and airplane wing in top foreground.

The Power Factors and Heliolytics integration combines insights from Heliolytics aerial thermography inspection reports into the Power Factors Drive platform. Once aerial inspection insights from Heliolytics are in the Drive platform, asset managers, performance engineers, ROC operators and field maintenance teams collaborate in real-time using the best-in-class Power Factors Drive issue resolution toolset to address and monitor the PV plant performance and safety issues detected.

“The Power Factors and Heliolytics integration increases our ability to operate and maintain PV plants remotely—something that’s become even more valuable to us during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Miller Bros. Solar’s Director, Inverter & Technical Services, CJ Kneringer. “Linking Heliolytics aerial thermography data with the Power Factors Drive platform allows us to diagnose more solar array problems without a truck roll. Transitioning from field diagnosis and troubleshooting to increased monitoring from our remote operations center saves us and our customers money and, most importantly, keeps our team safe.”

Vice President of Product at Power Factors, Jay Lakumb, said, “We are excited to partner with Heliolytics, the market leader in aerial imagery services. The solar power industry now recognizes that regular aerial inspection of PV arrays is an essential tool in the PV maintenance toolbox. The integration of the Drive platform with aerial inspection data from Heliolytics allows owners and operators of solar assets to more efficiently prioritize action items and standardize remediation workflows.”

“We are very excited to announce this integration to Power Factors. Aerial inspections are now a critical part of modern PV operations, and with this integration stakeholders can now integrate module level inspection data into existing best-in-class enterprise workflows from Power Factors. These combined services will provide the quality of analytics required by top tier system operators to ensure long-term optimization of PV assets,” said Rob Andrews, CEO of Heliolytics.

The Power Factors and Heliolytics integration is available now. Contact your Power Factors or Heliolytics customer success manager or email sales@pfdrive.com or sales@heliolytics.com to get started.

About Power Factors
Our mission is to deliver software and services to make renewable energy the world’s leading power generation source. Power Factors consolidates multiple operational data sources, asset hierarchies and metadata frameworks to create a single cloud-based remote asset management platform that works with today’s large-scale portfolios. With embedded connections to maintenance workflows, Power Factors streamlines process, reduces costs and increases ROI of assets. Implementation and Customer Success Services ensure customers realize value from the platform quickly and for the life of the asset.

About Heliolytics
Heliolytics is the largest global provider of aerial thermal imaging inspections and analysis for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, with 45+ GW serviced across over 3,500 projects globally. Heliolytics leverages innovative imaging, analysis, and reporting services combined with deep sector experience to ensure maximum solar asset performance. As a trusted DC health partner, Heliolytics enables the industry to maximize solar energy production and profitability. Learn more at https://www.heliolytics.com/.

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