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Power Factors’ teams accelerate time to value and de-risk transitioning to a fully digital solution. Benefits include:

  • Implementing using a “fit in place” rather than “rip and replace” approach
  • Auditing and rectifying pre-existing field issues through documentation review
  • Creating asset hierarchy and metadata frameworks to support analytics and governance
  • Conducting system acceptance tests designed to assure data quality that withstand the rigors of financial and compliance reporting
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Data & Events management

Drive presents an intuitive interface for real-time operations as well as a foundation for historical performance analyses, root-cause & downtime analyses and technical asset management.

Data Engine ingests high-speed time series data from any OEM SCADA, hardware, IIoT device or third-party data system to normalize information.  It then structures and  curates raw data to ensure data is trusted for visualization and analytics applications.

Event Engine applies OEM and user-defined criteria to identify operational events affecting production. Users can then catalogue, edit and curate them for advanced troubleshooting, reporting and notification.

Data and Event Engines can be integrated with optional Field Service Management and Advanced Analytics modules and connected to third-party business applications using standard APIs.


Wind Advanced Analytics

Power Factors offers signature Arista Advanced Analytics that work with PF-Drive Data and Event Engines to assure optimal operation of wind assets. Portfolio managers and operators have used Power Factors Advanced Analytics to investigate Performance Improvement, and/or conduct root cause and Waterfall analyses. Some specific analyses or outcomes of Advanced Analytics for Wind include:

  • Automated icing detection
  • Identifying performance issues – controllable vs. non-controllable
  • Extreme wind speed validation
  • Contractual availability calculation and validation
  • Grid curtailment optimization
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Solar Advanced Analytics

In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, Power Factors has developed Advanced Analytics that work with Drive Data and Event to identify root causes of operational and event-based causes of lost energy. The combination of PF Drive Advanced Analytics for Solar include tools to:

  • Set accurate baselines
  • Compare and contrast performance by site, provider or vendor
  • Account for weather-based energy losses
  • Control for comms and sensor faults
  • Calculate soiling losses


Field service management

Drive’s Field Service Management module is an asset-centric maintenance management system (CMMS) that connects operational events, maintenance history, and compliance/contractual requirements for each asset. Fully integrated with Drive’s Data and Event Engines, operators manage:

  • Work orders and technician dispatch
  • Planning & scheduling
  • Storerooms, spare parts and inventory management
  • Contractual Compliance
  • Reports, dashboards and KPIs

Automated workflow and failure categorization help increase asset life and productivity while streamlining O&M process.



Customer Success ensures that customers derive value for the life of the project through focused troubleshooting, training and providing customer feedback to engineering teams to guide Power Factors roadmap. Benefits include:

  • Dedicated Success Managers understand specific customer business challenges
  • Supporting adoption through focused guidance and training
  • Creating dashboards, reports and displays aligned with business processes
  • Ongoing support to ensure that platform delivers value as industry, technology and business conditions evolve

Customer story

"The whole industry is maturing, and customers are demanding more from O&M. Power Factors is critical for us to drive real business outcomes"

Jay Grafton VP of Customer Operations, MaxGen


MaxGen counts on POWER FACTORS to deliver next-generation field service

Work from one trusted data environment

  • Create integrated approach to global fleet management
  • We curate data to eliminate manual data integration and ensure data quality
  • Generate accurate and timely reporting

Transparency and independence

  • Owners, operation and maintenance share common view
  • Work across any OEM, any O&M
  • Analyze and benchmark across different technologies and providers

Streamline O&M process

  • Unify monitoring, analysis & work management across portfolio
  • Embedded field service management: contract and event-aware
  • Smart dispatch to improve MTTD and MTTR