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Drive Pro

The Power Factors Drive Pro software platform provides owners, operators and asset managers with trusted information and tools they can rely on to help them identify and recover plant performance losses to maximize portfolio profitability. Drive Pro builds on the data foundation established by the Drive platform to deliver advanced analytics insights that connect stakeholders across all aspects of asset performance management — from plant design to predictive modeling to O&M.

Drive Pro adds the following key features to the Power Factors Drive platform:

Degraded Classification: Enables hands-off trend monitoring and automatic detection of underperformance signatures (soiling, shading or string-level outages) using only AC-metered data and standard plant sensors—all while continuously learning and automatically improving the speed and accuracy of its predictions over time.

Data Capability: Runs an automated suite of hundreds of data quality and capability tests across a fleet to identify and automatically remove plant-level data quality and capability issues that would invalidate downstream advanced analytics results. Drive Pro then provides granular detail and recommended actions for each failed test so users can strategically improve portfolio data quality and capability at scale.

Loss Overview: Provides a dynamically updated view into the difference between actual production and theoretical maximum production, categorizing all losses and providing powerful drill-downs to understand root cause. Drill-down capabilities allow the user to understand where deviations are occurring and why. This tool targets building trust in performance models so that analysts and asset managers can be sure that perceived performance issues are worthy of attention.

Budget Deviation: Allows continuous visualization of losses in the context of unfavorable pro forma variances to help prioritize recovery initiatives. Budget Deviation can also be used to improve project pro forma models and reduce portfolio risk.

Predicted Loss Auditor: Audits manufacturer specifications and improves asset performance models and production estimates by comparing against the true baseline performance of assets at scale.

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Power Factors


The Power Factors Drive platform is a cloud-based asset performance management (APM) software solution for renewable assets. Drive empowers owners, operators and asset managers with tools to monitor, manage and optimize the performance of renewable energy assets — from operations to reporting to technical asset management.

Data Engine: Drive ingests high-speed time series data from any DAS/SCADA, IIoT device or third-party data system to aggregate and normalize information. It cleans, structures and classifies this raw data to ensure downstream visualizations, analytics and reports can be trusted. Drive’s data engine is highly scalable and highly available, future-proofing your IT investment.

Event Engine: Drive applies OEM and user-defined business and engineering rules to identify operational events affecting production, performance and commercial compliance. Drive auto-classifies off-normal equipment operations for use in advanced troubleshooting, analytics, reporting and notifications. Drive’s event engine is infinitely scalable and user-configurable.

System of Engagement: Drive creates a fully integrated “system of engagement” for customers. Drive includes a universal API to allow seamless integration with field service management applications, third-party business systems and web services such as market operations, pricing and weather services. Drive becomes the operational data hub for large, diverse and geographically distributed renewable energy portfolios.

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Power Factors

Drive Plus

The Drive Plus solution seamlessly integrates our asset-centric enterprise asset management (EAM) system with the Drive asset performance management (APM) platform’s data and event engines, connecting operational events, maintenance history and compliance/contractual requirements for each asset to help with:

  • Work orders and technician dispatch
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Storerooms, spare parts and inventory management
  • Contractual compliance
  • Reports, dashboards and KPIs

Automated workflows and failure categorizations help increase asset lifetime value while streamlining O&M processes.

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Power Factors’ teams accelerate time-to-value and de-risk transitioning to a fully digital solution. Benefits include:

  • Implement using a “fit-in-place” rather than “rip-and-replace” approach
  • Audit and rectify preexisting field issues through documentation review
  • Create asset hierarchy and metadata frameworks to support analytics and governance
  • Conduct system acceptance tests (SAT) designed to ensure data quality that withstand the rigors of financial and compliance reporting

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Customer Success ensures that customers derive value for the life of the project through focused troubleshooting, training and providing customer feedback to engineering teams to guide Power Factors roadmap. Benefits include:

  • Dedicated customer success manager (CSM) understands unique business challenges
  • Support adoption through focused guidance and training
  • Create dashboards, reports and displays aligned with business processes
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure value as industry, technology and business conditions evolve

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Power Factors Launches Drive Pro

"Drive Pro brings sophisticated insights, improved visibility and a higher level of accountability to the owner/operator relationship, helping us optimize the returns on our diverse portfolio of assets."

Justin Johnson, President & CEO at Arevon


Aligns asset owners and operators to capture over $600 million of recoverable losses.

Work from one trusted data environment

  • Manage your global fleet from a single cloud-based remote asset performance management platform
  • Curated data to eliminate manual data integration and ensure data quality
  • Generate accurate and timely reporting

Transparency and independence

  • Owners, operation and maintenance share common view
  • Work across any OEM and any O&M
  • Analyze and benchmark across different technologies and providers

Streamline O&M process

  • Unify monitoring, analysis and work management across portfolio
  • Integrated field service management application is contract and event-aware
  • Smarter dispatch to improve MTTD and MTTR